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cPanel is a hallmark standard and industry leader when it comes to software to manage web hosting. However, it is not a hosting service itself. It’s a web-based control panel that people use to manage their web hosting accounts. cPanel gives users tools to create, manage, and administer websites.

You can create FTP accounts with cPanel software, as well as domains, and set up CDNs and email accounts. cPanel has the most features of all web-based control panels. It is the user-friendliest, safest to use, and easiest to install apart from being the most functional.

If you settle on cPanel, there are two interface themes to choose from. The more recent one is the Paper Lantern theme, while the older is X3. Although they look quite different, there are a few options with both, divided into different sections. These sections are comparable across all hosts.

There is a search function that’s very useful. To help you install WordPress and start building your site, cPanel has Autoinstallers and other tools. These are available in the Autoinstallers section of the dashboard. Just click on the WordPress option to use WordPress. There is an install wizard to follow after that.

While you were signing up, you must have configured one domain at least. This will always be your main domain. You can add two sub-domains if your host allows it.

It takes mere minutes to edit your website, create a database, and allocate space for your pages. Using this software, any user can install and upload plug-ins and files, even if they are new to the process.

There is a streamlined, icon-based site management layout. The software offers a surprising amount of capacity without being overwhelming. Its interface is fully intuitive, like those of icon-based operating systems. The collapsible categories and icons are a breeze to follow.

cPanel’s interface is among the most powerful of all web management software. It’s possible to manage most aspects of your website without a single backend login. The exploratory interface provides a myriad of options. There are many free tutorials about cPanel and WordPress integration online.  It’s no coincidence that cPanel is the most popular web hosting management system today. Even developers choose it because of its great performance, appropriate and regular updates, and other useful features. There are lots of free features, like the SSL certificate and domain name.